Exploring human sexuality through personal narratives.

Season 2

S2 EP20-Carlene

Carlene sits down and speaks about growing up with a sexually pragmatic parent, experiencing sensation in a highly sensitive body, [...]

S2 EP19-Stephanie

Carlene speaks with Stephanie about speaking about sex and relationships when you have a history of trauma, the sensuality of [...]

S2 EP18-Jess

Carlene speaks with Jess about sex, Christianity, and guilt, discovering pleasure through longing and anticipation, and dirty perverts that open [...]

S2 EP17-Evelin

In this episode, Evelin talks about being naturally polyamorous, her evolving relationship with her body, and using sex magick. You [...]

S2 EP16-Kenya

Carlene talks with Kenya about sneaking your girlfriends out to get birth control, the surprising sex-positivity of the armed forces, [...]

S2 EP14-Jenny

Carlene and Jenny talk about sex education in the 90s, the pressure to not fuck it up in parenting, and [...]

S2 EP13- Megan

Carlene and April chat about being femme-presenting while not feeling femme, the surprising benefits of aging, and having sex that [...]

S2 EP11-Eva Blake

Carlene speaks with Eva Blake about consensual non-consent, the experience of blossoming as a queer femme in a misogynistic world, [...]

S2 EP10-Sassy Latte

Carlene speaks with Sassy Latte about how a sexual relationship with your body can positively impact body image, the perception [...]

S2 EP09-Amory Jane

Carlene speaks with Amory Jane about poverty and its impact on one's body image, surprisingly affirming first sexual encounters, and [...]

S2 EP08-Jennifer

Carlene talks with Jennifer about the complexity of learning about sex from a parent who suffers from mental illness, the [...]

S2 EP07-Elle LeBlanc

Carlene speaks with Elle about seeking peace after abuse, sexual shame, and helping family members heal from inherited sexual trauma. [...]

S2 EP06-Chris

Carlene and Chris talk about growing up in a distant household, learning to find your sexual authenticity, and bulldozing your [...]

S2 EP05-Aleah

Carlene and Aleah talk about growing up knowing you are different, less-than-ideal first sexual encounters, and exploring kink. Check out [...]

S2 EP04-Brad

Carlene and Brad talk about self-esteem, the psychological intricacies of sex addiction, and the surprising simplicity of some peak sexual [...]

S2 EP03-Anna

Carlene speaks with Anna about the transition of aging in a society that tries to erase elderly women, the search [...]

S2 EP02-Ben

Carlene speaks with her long-term partner, Ben, about alternative reasons for polyamory, the thrill of discovering individual bodies, and the [...]

S2 EP01-Reba

Carlene talks with Reba about the influence of culture on our sexuality, the impact of self-esteem on our relationships, and [...]

Season 1

S1 EP20 – Red

In the final episode of Season One of The Sexual Philosopher, Carlene speaks with Red, the husband of a previous [...]

S1 EP19 – Reed

Carlene talks with Reed about the exchange of energy between a tattoo artist and their clients, meeting random, kinky strangers [...]

S1 EP18 – Mark

In this episode Carlene speaks with Mark about infidelity, craving a soft body as a man, and non-consensual body changes. [...]

S1 EP17 – Jess

In the episode, Carlene talks to a somatic sex and intimacy coach! To find Jess, go here! belovedcoaching.net To learn [...]

S1 EP16 – David

Carlene talks to David about becoming sexual at an early age, frexting, and conditioning the brain. Content note: Ableist language [...]

S1 EP15 – Robyn

Carlene talks to Robyn about queerness, kinkiness, and Suffrajitu. About Suffrjitsu: http://suffrajitsu.com/ For my workshops: https://thesexualphilosopher.com/workshops/

S1 EP14 – Amanda

In this episode, Amanda and Carlene discuss sex and nature, enjoying impermanent sexual relationships, and how the uterus plays a [...]

S1 EP12 – Ashley

Carlene and Ashley talk about stoic parenting, accepting less than you deserve for the sake of self-preservation, and the impermanence [...]

S1 EP11 – Ann

Carlene and Ann talk about having a mom who was the neighborhood sexpert, ways to accept your aging body, and [...]