The Podcast

Taking inspiration from Tina Horn’s “Why are people into that?!” and Lea Thau’s “Strangers,” “The Sexual Philosopher” explores human sexuality through personal narratives. The theory behind the questions that I pose derives from my training as a surrogate partner and Jack Morin’s book The Erotic Mind. Together my guest and I explore our psycho-sexual origins and contemporary landscape, search for our Core Erotic Theme (CET), analyze the cornerstones of our eroticism that dominate our sexuality, and ponder the effects of our history on the shaping of our sexuality.

Your Host

Carlene Ostedgaard is a Portland, Oregon-based surrogate partner (Hyperlink my website) trained through the International Professional Surrogates Association (hyperlink IPSA’s website). She holds a bachelor’s degree in Apparel Merchandising from Colorado State University and an MFA in Literature from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a specialty in Secondary Education. She has been an educator of children from ages 6 months to 18 years for almost twenty years. She was also an LGBT Safe Space trainer and master trainer during her time at Colorado State University.

The Story

As a child, I was debilitatingly shy yet also obsessed with hearing others tell their stories. This love of story telling became the training wheels I used to learn to conquer my shyness. After all, conversing is much easier if one person is doing most of the talk while the other peppers the conversation with questions.

Over time, my social survival mechanism became my default socialization tactic and it’s never really gone away.

Being the passive receiver of the story telling tradition is an immensely pleasurable experience for me. And so, when I decided that I wanted my own podcast, it was only logical that the podcast involve personal narratives. Human sexuality has been a personal, academic, and professional pursuit of mine for many years, so naturally, it was the focus that I chose for the podcast.

The idea for “The Sexual Philosopher” finally coagulated after I listened to Lea Thau’s podcast “Strangers” and Tina Horn’s podcast “Why are people into that?!”

And thus a podcast was born.


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Thank you to Adam Haile for the podcast jingle, Brian Gibney and Dylan Wassell for the podcast graphic, and Matthew Lambert and Josh Lucy for website creation.